Unveiling ‘Our Star’

Our Star‘ was conceived to provide a talisman to galvanise support for reuniting with the European Nations as the UK left the European Union in 2021. ‘We want our Star back’ was the cry – and Our Star was conceived by Peter French and Phil Jeanes and created by Jacques Tilly in his workshop to answer that cry! As a talisman, it symbolises the desire and hope that we have to reunite with the European Union in the future.

It was unveiled by Terry Reintke at the European Parliament on May 18th 2022.

There are two ‘Our Star’s – the Senior Star which stands 2m tall, 3m on the plinth, and Junior Star which is 1m tall and designed to be easier to handle, and appeared at a number of UK events, such as the National Rejoin March in September 2022.

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