The Puppet

The Dominic Cummings ‘Puppet’ Float was commissioned and crowdfunded by the EU Flag Mafia to appear at the ‘Final Say’ March in London on 19th October 2019. This video shows how it was created and its appearance at the ‘Final Say March’. As the case with the ‘Nose’, it was mounted on a trolley and mingled with the protesters throughout the protest. This also enabled it to be used for other events, often towed on a car-trailer, from its ‘home’ in a domestic garage.

Demonic Cummings and his ‘Puppet’ at the Final Say March in London.

And after the disappearance of Dominic Cummings from apparent influence, it was not long afterwards that the political scene changed dramatically with the landslide ‘Get Brexit Done‘ slogan and realistic chances of remaining within the European Union were extinguished.

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