The Symbols on “Our Star”

Our Star is Double-sided

The two sides of Our Star are similar but different. We have called one side ‘Peace‘ and the other ‘Harmony‘ as these are the 2 underlying themes of the values represented by the EU. These are highlighted by four themes:

The Star itself is styled on one of the Stars in the circle at the centre of the Flag of Europe. However, standing alone and outside the circle, but still recognisable in its aspiration to take its place in the future.

The Symbols on Our Star

The Circle of Stars, representing Unity, Solidarity and Harmony, as they do on the Flag of Europe, although with colours reversed (ie blue on gold) to keep faith with the values and ideals of the Circle.

On one side the Dove of Peace, is clearly the symbol of peace, and the olive branch it carries demonstrates our intention to bring peace to everyone in the future.

On the other side, the People Ring represents the people of Europe, both in terms of their human and citizens’ rights, and also the equality in diversity of everyone by the variety of colours around the Ring. By holding hands they emphasis harmony and cooperation among all people.

These symbols reflect the values and ideals are incorporated in Articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty of the European Union signed in Lisbon in 2008 by all 28 members as the cornerstone of the Union. These can be read here.

Note on Copyright

Our Star Organisation asserts its right to be recognised as the artist of the assembly of components that form the images of both sides of Our Star as shown on this website and other on-line or published sources. See here for further information.

Jacques Tilly is acknowledged as the artist who has created the physical objects that are called Our Star and declared to be copyright owner of physical objects of any size.

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