Rally at Senedd Cymru

In the bright sunshine outside the Senedd, an impressive series of speakers spoke of their hopes and aims for the future and helped promote Our Star‘s campaign for greater public discussion of the future and the need for more public involvement in those decisions.

Watch highlights of the event and speeches here:
Wales for Europe Rally at Senedd Cymru, 30th October 2023

The speakers, with key messages from their speeches, were:

Cllr Jackie Jones – Chair of Wales for Europe and former MEP for Wales:-
“This symbolises an awful lot, not just peace, but also our unity, hands together, for peace and security in the world and across the continent…”

Phil Jeanes – Co-founder of Our Star and Choosing our Future campaign: –
“…we wanted to establish that [the UK’s Star of European Unity] as a talisman, which would help to bind together all the people who wish to go back into the European Union. It’ll be a long journey, and we need something to hold us together.”

Julie Morgan MS – Member of the Senedd for Cardiff North & xMP for Cardiff North.“We just must look forward to the future, to discussing and building bridges and building the way ahead to the place where we rightly belong, in Europe.”

Anthony Slaughter – Leader of the Wales Green Party: –
“[Brexit . . .] it’s bad for our economy, and again as I said it’s so bad for the weakest and poorest and most vulnerable in our society, and that’s why we know it is built on lies and misinformation and manipulation of facts.”

Cllr Sam Bennett – Deputy President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats: –
“It is wonderful to be here, thank you very much for inviting me to speak, and we will sort out that Swansea University for Europe group as well!”

Owen Roberts – CEO of Plaid Cymru: –
“So what can we do? We can start to build a consensus. We can maintain these links with each other across political parties, across different movements and across different parts of these islands, but we can also call for steps now to try and build this consensus. To cut down trade barriers, to rejoin Erasmus, to give those opportunities to students, and to academics and researchers. To renew these cultural links which have been disputed by Brexit, and eventually to rejoin the single market and we must make that case as well. Now this [Senedd] place behind me doesn’t yet have the power to do this, but it does give us a voice, and I am very proud to stand here for Plaid, to add our voice to this call for Europe.”

Rhiannon Barrar – Secretary of Swansea for Europe branch: –
“Wales, UK and the European Union are a hugely different place from what they were in 2016, and as it has already been said we’ve got to work our way back, step by step, and the whole point of this campaign, Our Star, is for citizen engagement. We have to listen. We have to talk.”

Caroline Turner, Chair of Cardiff for Europe branch: –
“Over the winter, we will be sharing those [photos of the Star] on social media just to raise awareness and remind everyone how much money has been invested in Wales over many many years through European Structural Funds in particular.”

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