‘Our Star’ Trek in 2024

Discussing our Future in 2024

The primary aim of the Treks in 2024 is to initiate meaningful discussions of the future in a manner that reflects full-scale Citizens Assemblies. Such Assemblies, bring together groups of ordinary citizens to consider in-depth specific topics to establish a future direction, preference or policy. They were first used in Ancient Greece and were the basis of the first ‘democracy’.

The use of Citizens’ Assemblies is now used in the EU, following the Conference on the Future of Europe (see here for details) stands in stark contrast to the anti-democratic actions taken in the last couple of years by the Government in the UK. A primary objective of this campaign is to initiate a number of similar forums to encourage greater understanding, desire and involvement in such direct democracy to the UK.

At each of the campaign locations visited by Our Star, an objective will be to establish local Forums as constituents of a more formal ‘Cluster Assembly’, thus enabling and encouraging a wide-ranging debate on the future during the 2024. This will use the device of the FutureScope to help analysis and context. In parallel to the ‘Senior’ Forums, we suggest some are designated as ‘Junior’ Forums for the younger generation to voice their views and priorities, and these will again feed into the Cluster Assembly.

As these events develop, the local opinions and the outputs from each of them could then be consolidated and published as indicating the ‘Future for the People’. With the significant input from both young and old, and we hope that media coverage, and eventually public opinion, should begin to influence party policies.

Hereford Junior Forum; 1st March 2024

This event, held at Hereford Sixth Form College, was organised by Herefordshire for Europe. Click the link above to read about it.

Bromsgrove Forum of the Future; 13th March 2024
Follow the Heading Link to read all about the Event
Our Star in Oxford – 20th March 2024

Click the Heading to read about Our Star’s visit to the Wesleyan Memorial Church in Oxford of 20th March 2024.

At Hereford Left Bank Village: from 22nd March 2024

Click the Heading to read about Our Star’s Residency in Hereford.

Our Star in Cheltenham

Our Star was in Cheltenham for the NRM Local Action Day, Saturday 23 March 2023. Read the report from Sarah Moliver, Chair of Cheltenham for Europe by clicking the heading.

With Hope for Europe in Hayfield on 27th April 2024

Descriptions of further events will be added as they happen.

Potential ‘Our Star Clusters’ for 2024:
Possible Our Star Clusters showing locations.
Contact Us to Join the Campaign

If you are interested in joining the Campaign and hosting one of  ‘Our Stars’, find out about joining the campaign here.

Or send an email to the address below, identifying the group, your location and providing contact email addresses of two nominated contacts, to receive an information pack.: admin@ourstar.uk.

In addition to events within the Campaign, other compatible (EU focussed) activities and proposals, including corporate sponsorship and arts or music events, (e.g. Festival of Europe) will also be considered as they can add to the groundswell of opinion, particularly amongst the younger generation, that is one of our aims.

If you want to contribute to, or support the next Trek in 2024, then please make a donation here.

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