Our Star Scotland Tour

18th-30th November 2023: ‘Our Star’ Scotland Tour
Forum for the Future in Dumfries
Our Star’s Event in Dumfries which involved EMiS
Junior Forum in Dundee
Our Star’s Junior Forum with a group of Students from Dundee University
‘Forums for the Future’ in Stirling and Edinburgh

On the 24th November ‘Our Star’ visited Stirling where Stirling for Europe had been working hard to arrange a public forum event featuring MP’s Alyn Smith (SNP) and Wendy Chamberlain (Lib Dem), as well as former England NW MEP Julie Ward (Labour). The event was well attended and was again notable for the range of political views brought together by the common ground represented by Our Star.

It then continued to Edinburgh, visiting the Scottish Parliament on the 29th where it met a large number of SMPs, before going on to the City Chambers in preparation for St Andrews Day, when it welcomed guests including Susanne Oberhauser, the head of the European Parliament office in the UK, and EMiS President Michael Russell to a special ‘Our Star’ Forum of the Future.

Highlights from the attendees of Sterling and Edinburgh

For St Andrew’s Day the First Minister of Scotland issued a ‘Welcome’ message to Our Star and the EMiS team to celebrate the long-standing relationship between Scotland and Europe and he expressed his wishes for that strong and long-lasting relationship to continue.

Message of Goodwill from the First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf to the Our Star Team

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