Our Star in Cheltenham

NRM Local Action Day, Saturday 23 March 2023

Report by Sarah Moliver of Cheltenham for Europe

“We got out to Cheltenham High Street for our street stall on 23 March accompanied by the Junior Star of European Unity and Peace. The Junior Star, along with the considerably larger Senior Star, is designed to represent the values of Unity and Peace, which are depicted on either side, and also promote discussion and debate on the future of the UK and our place in Europe.

The five points of the Star provide different topics for discussions sit-in the wider context – society, economy, environment, governance and global affairs – highlighting the many things that are happening in the UK in these areas, the changes since leaving the EU and what might be done to improve such matters, with an emphasis on harmony and co-operation.

With these themes in mind our ‘Opinionometer’ asked the questions:
Society: Has leaving the EU been good for young people e.g. work, education, travel opportunities?
Economy: Has leaving the EU been good for the economy e.g. cost of living, local businesses, the music industry?
Environment: Have environmental standards improved since leaving the EU, e.g. keeping our water, our rivers, our coasts was well as our air clean and safe?
Governance: Do you believe what the government says about leaving the EU e.g. it’s going well, we have better trade deals, food is cheaper?
Global Affairs: Does the UK have as much global influence since leaving the EU?

Junior star at the NRM day of Action in a rather wet Cheltenham High Street

The aims of the day were to discuss these topics as well as joining in with nationwide ‘4 Europe’ groups campaigning to rejoin the EU as part of ‘NRM Day of Action’.

Unfortunately our session was rather briefer than anticipated due to the cold weather and a burst of heavy rain. However, before the rain set in several passers by stopped to say hello and stick stickers on our opinion board, none of whom thought that leaving the EU was going well, and all, at the very least, wanted to improve relations with our nearest neighbours as well as to rejoin the EU.”

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