Monstrosity’s Odyssey

The Monstrosity was originally commissioned (and funded) to lead the march to the Conservative Party Conference on 1st October 2017, which was a hugely successful event, impressively policed by GMP. As a result of the public demand, it was stored near Manchester for further events in March 2018; the Great Northern March in Leeds on 24th March 2018 and the Stop Brexit Rally in Newcastle on the 25th, before returning to London. It was eventually returned to Germany in 2020 to be the centrepiece of a unique exhibition of Jacques Tilly’s work as a ‘wagenbauer’ (float maker).

Showing the journey from Manchester, to Leeds and Newcastle, and return to London

This video follows the Monstrosity from delivery to the Manchester March on the 1st October 2017 through the events in Leeds and Newcastle in late March 2018 and various events in and around London in 2019. Finally Monstrosity returned to Germany to be centre stage at Jacques Tilly’s first public exhibition at Schloss Oberhausen in 2020. Monstrosity remained at Jacques’ studio in Dusseldorf until late 2021 when it was destroyed.

Map of the Odyssey
The route of Monstrosity’s Odyssey

To take closer look at the Monstrosity at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on 1st October 2017, click on this link: Monstrosity in Manchester.

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