Launch Events: Choosing Our Future

The events that are planned as part of the campaign are described below. We started with events in Brussels to help ‘set the scene’ before Our Star’s appearance in Canterbury for the East Kent Junior Forum, and then the next day at the National Rejoin March on September 23rd, followed by subsequent events, all as described below.

Approximate Route of Trek 1 2023

The events in Brussels are recorded here: Inauguration at the EP

Our Star comes back to the UK

22nd September 2023: Junior Forum at East Kent University 

Our Star’s journey to London was interrupted to visit East Kent University at Canterbury where the first Junior Forum for the Future was held in front of an audience from local colleges and schools. A Panel of 11 students gave their views and faced challenges from their colleagues in the audience, helping to set the focus on youth for following events.

East Kent Junior Panel; Voices expressing their views

Further details of the event, including a link to the 90-minutes video record can be found here.

23rd September 2023: At the National Rejoin March in London

After the period in London, Our Star starts its 1500 mile trek around the UK in 2023. The ‘trek’ delivers the campaign ‘Choosing Our Future’ within the UK and the first event of the ‘trek’, there are aa series of events, including ones at the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) in Cardiff and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Some of the events scheduled by the local Groups in 2023

Further treks are planned for the following year, with the emphasis on establishing Citizens’ Panels to examine the future. Find out more on this page:

Our Star Treks in 2024


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