Inauguration Exhibition is staging a special Exhibition at the European Parliament from the 19th – 21st September 2023, to inaugurate a UK-focussed campaign called ‘Choosing Our Future‘, which has been organised by, along with partner organisations, to create more public involvement and discussion of the future direction of the UK within Europe, by being a talisman for creating Citizens Panels and Assemblies.

This inauguration exhibition and its events, which is being delivered with our associate in Brussels, Pro Europa (see footnote below), takes place in the European Parliament on the Balcony Area of Spinelli 1 and involves the following events. Those wishing to attend must provide security details in advance. Please email to submit identity details.

19th September @ 1200:-

Opening of the photo-show ‘Remaining Memories’

Our Star will be in the Exhibition Area (Balcony Area of Spinelli 1) surrounded by a photographic exhibition by Bruce Tanner, to illustrate Europe’s largest grassroots pro-EU campaign, and the heritage of Our Star that forms the context for this campaign itself.  It will be formally opened at 1200 on 19th and then open daily 1200-1700 until the 21st September. 

20th September @ 1800:- in the Balcony Area of Spinelli 1

Campaign Inauguration: ‘Our Hopes for the Future’. 

To inaugurate the campaign ‘Choosing Our Future’, this forum gives the floor to the speakers as they share their thoughts about how the real problems currently facing the UK in Europe could be addressed in their ‘vision of the future’.  Introduced by Peter French, with speakers including  Terry Reintke, MEP, the sponsor of the event, and others giving their thoughts on the future.

Our Star at the European Parliament in May 2022
20th and 21st September : in the Balcony Area of Spinelli 1

Our Star Dialogue –Do ‘Citizens Panels’ enhance Democracy ?

Greater UK public involvement in democracy is a core objective of this campaign, and in these afternoon dialogues, representatives from the UK and Europe, will discuss enhancing democracy using Citizen’s Assemblies, taking note of experience in the EU and how that might be used in the UK during the campaign to achieve our objective. The dialogues will be introduced by Phil Jeanes and the outputs used as part of the campaign materials during the campaign. Guests include Anthony Zacharzewski of DemSoc, and the sponsor of this event is Daniel Freund (MEP, Greens).

Our Star unveiled at the European Parliament on 18th May 2022
21st September @ 1800:- in Place du Luxembourg

Bon Voyage to ‘Our Star’

At closing of the Exhibition (at 1700), Our Star will be taken to the Place du Luxembourg for a farewell ceremony, enabling the general public to hear of the mission to the UK, see the Remaining Memories photo-show and wish Our Star a safe journey and welcome throughout the UK.

All well-wishers are welcome to this public event.

Information on the planned future UK events can be found here: Our Trek in Our Trek in 2023.

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Footnote: Pro Europa:
“We are British Europeans and Anglophiles from other EU member states based in Belgium.  We are actively supporting projects that develop the ideals of European democracy, freedom and peace. ”
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