Inauguration at the European Parliament

The Inauguration event was held on 20th September 2023 in the European Parliament Spinelli building, and was attended by about 50 MEPs, officials as well as associates and supporters of the Our Star. Terry Reintke was the MEP host for the 3-day Exhibition which included a photo-show, ‘Remaining Memories’ that memorialised the anti-Brexit campaign and then turned attention to the future, including the campaign ‘Choosing Our Future‘.

Phil Jeanes speaking to open the Inauguration

The Inauguration took place with a number of speakers expressing their views and hopes for a positive relationship between the UK and the EU in the Future. Besides Terry, and Richard Corbett, Sue Wilson and Peter French expressed the hopes of the Our Star team, emphasising the needs of increasing public engagement, especially of the younger generation, and working to eventually reunite with the EU. Also Sandra Khadhouri, Director of ‘Keeping channels open’ added insights about wider strategic and defence cooperation and hopes for peace in Europe and beyond.

Interview with Terry Reintke, MEP, and Peter French
Terry Reintke discussing the ‘Choosing Our Future’ campaign
Speech by Richard Corbett, xMEP
Richard Corbett expressing his hopes for the future

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“Do Citizens’ Panels Enhance Democracy?”

In a series of dialogues to initiate public discussions in the campaign ‘Choosing Our Future’, we sought to explore the effect of greater UK public involvement in political decision-making and held a series of dialogues of the ongoing work in the EU, following the Conference on the Future of Europe, in the form of Citizens Assemblies, to explore how it might apply to the UK.  Those involved were: Daniel Freunde MEP, Anthony Zacharzewski, founder and President of The Democratic Society and Hugh Pope, editor of ‘The Keys to Democracy, a recently published book looking at the roots of democracy in antiquity, and Sandra Khadhouri, Director of ‘Keeping channels open’.

Daniel Freund, MEP, in Dialogue with Hugh Pope (on left) discussing how to enhance democracy.

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Saying “Goodbye” as it leaves the European Parliament

At the end of the Inauguration, Our Star was loaded into a vehicle for the journey to take it to the UK. At this point Our Star formally thanks Pro Europa, our associate in Brussels, for their help at this, and every stage, of the successful events at the European Parliament.

Profile of Pro Europa:
“We are British Europeans and Anglophiles from other EU member states based in Belgium.  We are actively supporting projects that develop the ideals of European democracy, freedom and peace. ”
Visit our Facebook page:

A ‘video-from-stills’ of the departure of Our Star on 21st September 2023

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European Union Transparency Register has been registered with ID number 838219951127-66.

‘The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission are open and transparent in their regular dialogue with interest representatives and civil society.  The three institutions are working together to ensure and promote transparent and ethical interest representation.   The Transparency Register is a tool to allow European citizens to see what interests are being represented at Union level and on whose behalf, as well as the financial and human resources dedicated to these activities.   The Code of Conduct shown below must be observed is all dealings with the three European institutions and quoted when participating in public consultations organised by the European Commission.’

EU Transparency Register, Code of Conduct, as followed by