UK’s Future within Europe


The hotly disputed decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, eventually implemented in 2021, has left the country split in terms of what the future should be. There is no clear consensus at present.

In contrast, in early 2021, the European Union inaugurated a wide ranging Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFE), seeking to engage citizens to identify their needs and desires for evolution of the the Union. This extensive programme was completed in early 2022 and results were officially published by the Presidents of the European Parliament, Commission and Council at a ceremony in Brussels on Europe Day, May 9th 2022.    An overview of the Conference on the Future of Europe is provided here.

Our mission to consider the UK’s Future in Europe began just days later on the 18th May 2022 when The UK’s Star of European Unity (coloquially Our Star) was unveiled and presented to representatives of the European Parliament as an emissary to the UK to engage in discussions and publicise the COFE Reports, acknowledging that it is essential that the UK understand developments in the EU to answer the following question:

Does the UK want a Future within Europe ?

By using the CoFE reports as a template for Europe’s future, we want to provoke and inspire discourse about what the British people really want their future to be.  Hence, if the response to the CoFE proposals is appealing to them, the country might be willing to take an equal and active part in that Future of Europe.   This would support any future moves to reunite with the EU.  

After receiving the reports from the European Parliament, the mission for the Future has taken Our Star to the UK and, using it as a talisman representing the values and ideals of the EU, attends various events to explore peoples’ reaction to the CoFE Report. These events will typically involve a ‘round table discussions’ where leading members of civil society give their response to the many recommendations made and answer questions from the audience.

Subsequently, further meetings which will consider the component Panel Reports and the Final Report and be able to endorse (or not) the contents. In addition, on-street discussions, similar to the successful ‘Brexitometer’ sessions around the country will take place to contrast the democratic development in the EU with that in the dictatorial Tory administration in the UK.