EU-UK Friendship Group

Following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, four Members of the European Parliament – Katarina Barley, Nathalie Loiseau, Terry Reintke and Radosław Sikorski – decided to establish the UK Friendship Group. Non-partisan, hence open to all MEPs and former British MEPs, the EU-UK Friendship Group is dedicated to maintaining strong links between citizens both from the EU and the UK.

Through regular exchange and various events, the UK Friendship Group gives a space for debate to citizens, experts, civil society and politicians on subjects that matter both to EU and UK citizens regarding their rights, their future, and the future relationship.

At the outset, MEP Terry Reintke was interviewed in Eurostreet News on 26thApril 2020 and explained the purpose of the EU-UK Friendship Group in future EU debate:

. . . in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe. . . . I hope UK citizens will be part of the discussion on the future of the EU. There has been such a broad debate about the EU in the UK over the past years that we should take it on board in the context of the Conference.  We will certainly fight for the UK to get involved.”

Unfortunately involvement didn’t happen until now, as the Star’s mission launches to discuss the outputs of the Conference.

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