Hereford Junior Forum

Hereford Sixth Form College on 1st March 2024

At the event in Hereford Sixth Form College there were 43 students, mostly students of politics, who were introduced to Our Star, citizens’ assemblies and the progress of Our Star through the UK during 2023. They sat in groups of 6 to initially discuss their views and answer specific questions.

The students discussing the questions on their tables

Three topics were selected from the FutureScope for discussion and for each there were two questions for the groups of students to answer questions and provide feedback comments on:

the Economy, the questions posed were:

·       National Prosperity: Are we getting more prosperous?

·       Investment and research: Do more companies invest in the UK?

Global affairs, where the questions were about the UK’s

·       Reputation and Trust as viewed by the rest of the world?

·       Security and defence: Does the UK still have a Global Security Role?

Society in the UK in covering the questions of rights and wealth:

·       Have our citizens rights changed?

·       Are the rich getting richer or the poor, poorer?

The questions generated a lot of enthusiasm in the room as they rationally discussed the various views and gave each other feedback. The students wanted such debates to be more frequent and wanted Our Star back every year.

The report of the event in ‘The Student Voice’, the newspaper published
by the students at Hereford Sixth Form College (reprinted by permissions).
Courtesy of Lara Huddlestone.