This page presents a series of videos of the past anti-Brexit protest efforts that involved the large satirical floats – the Brexit Effigies – created by Jacques Tilly at his workshop in Dusseldorf, Germany. Information about the latest sculpture, ‘Our Star’ can e found here: About ‘Our Star’.

The videos have been compiled from both video and stills collected over the last seven years, and illustrates not only the protests themselves, but some the background of these floats. They are not ‘documents of record’ but provide the sights and sounds of protest events, with appropriate backing tracks. Each video has a short summary for context:

The Starting Gun

This video shows the first appearance of the Theresa May ‘Gun’ float at the 2017 Dusseldorf Rose Monday procession and the subsequent arrangement to show it in London at the ‘Unite for Europe’ March on the 25th March 2017. However, what happened next shook the UK and prevented the float appearing at the March.

Monstrosity in Manchester

This video shows the creation of the ‘Monstrosity’ and its delivery to Manchester to lead the march at the Conservative Party Conference on 1st October 2017. And then what happened?

Monstrosity’s Odyssey

The ‘Monstrosity’ was originally commissioned (and funded) to lead the march to the Conservative party Conference on 1st October 2017, but due to public demand was stored near Manchester for further events in the North o fEngland, before returning to London. It was was used more times in 2019 and 2020.

May’s Nose

This video features the Theresa May ‘Nose’ Float’s introduction at the Rose Monday Carnival procession in Dusseldorf on 4th March 2019 and subsequent use in the People’s Vote March in London on 23rd March 2019 and the final demise as she was deposed as Prime Minister later that year.

Demonic Cummings’ Puppet

This video shows the creation of the Demonic Cummings ‘Puppet’ float and appearance at the ‘Final Say’ March in London on 19th October 2019. The ‘Puppet’ survived longe than it model, although did not appear further in public.

Baby and the Runner

Two floats have appeared at the Dusseldorf Karnival procession and not been seen in the UK. Theresa May’s Baby appeared in 2018 but was felt unsuitable for appearance in protests in the UK – see if you agree!

The float ‘Scotland doing a Runner‘ appeared on Rose Monday on 24th February 2020, and remained in storage in case the opportunity arose for its further use.

The Brextract 2021

On Rose Monday 2021 (15th February) the German TV channel WDR broadcast a profile documentary of sculptor Jacques Tilly as part of their programmes in place of live coverage of the annual Rose Monday Carnival Procession.

A part of that programme focussed on the Brexit Effigies that Jacques had made during the last 4 years. This video is a 3-minute extract of that programme.

The unveiling of ‘Our Star’

The Star of European Unity (colloquially ‘Our Star‘) was conceived to provide a talisman to galvanise support for reuniting with the European nations as the UK left the European Union in 2021. ‘We want our Star back’ was the cry – and Our Star was conceived by Peter French and Phil Jeanes and created by Jacques Tilly in his workshop to answer that cry! It was unveiled at the European Parliament on May 18th 2022. A longer description of the creation and meanings of Our Star of European Unity can be found in here: About Our Star.

Feedback to EUtube

If you have any comments on any of the videos, which are not documentaries and have been produced from personal material to represent the sights and sounds of the Brexit protests, or would like copies of any of them, please specify which you’d like and write to the following email address: