East Kent Junior Panel at Canterbury

The campaign CHOOSING OUR FUTURE was launched at a ceremony in the European Parliament on Wednesday, 20th September 2023, and then it travelled directly to East Kent for the first event of the Tour. East Kent for Europe organised the Junior Panel Forum in the Gulbenkian Theatre at the University of Kent, Canterbury on 22nd September 2023. This page provides a short summary and link to the 90-minute video of the event.

Introduction to the Junior Panel Discussions

The young people from the local Langton Boys Debating Society each chose to speak to one of the Five Points of Discussion (Economy, Society, Environment, Governance and Global Affairs). This short video provides a short summary and some examples of what they said:

East Kent Junior Panel; Voices expressing their views

To listen to the full discussion, which last just over 90 minutes, use this link to YouTube:


In the recording, you will hear their astute views of the situation in Britain, their damning indictment of politicians, their intelligent critique of current social media control, covering a wide range of topics. Above all, it’s very encouraging to hear their views expressed well, in a very articulate, nuanced and well presented manner.

This session revealed their concern for the state of society and politics in Britain today. They are our future; they are able to influence the future with their enterprise and they should ‘boldly go where no-one has gone before’.

Media Reaction to the event: Kentonline TV Feature

“Those too young to vote during the Brexit referendum want to start the conversation again. East Kent for Europe brought a giant star with them from Belgium, to Kent, then London, to shine a light on the controversial political issue.” Use this link to view the feature that was broadcast: