Crowdfunding ‘Our Star’

This page provides information as we seek to raise £5,000 to fund the campaign Choosing Our Future for 2024. This involves not only the costs associated with the creation of the Stars, but also the travel and logistics of transporting the sculptures, organising and marshalling the events that will be held around the country. Watch the short video and realise the importance of continued support for Our Star and then go to our crowdfunding page and make a donation, please.

The Gravity of our financial situation . . .

Our Star Crowdfunding is at Gofundme.

Anybody can help the Our Star campaigns, you only need to choose how you would like to express your support. When you do, you become a ‘Star Backer’, that is, someone who wants the UK’s star to be back on the Flag of Europe.

Message of Endorsement:
Listen to Terry Reintke’s message of support for Our Star
Backing ‘Our Star’ to get Our Star back
The 5 Stars awarded for backing ‘Our Star’

Now you know the rewards, please donate at gofundme .

Any Group or corporate can also become a Backer of Our Star

Besides individuals. we also encourage common interest groups, corporates and civil society organisations to work with us as 3 , 4 or 5 Star Backers. They may work with us in a variety of ways such as hosting and sponsoring their own events on related, or unrelated topics, endorsements of the Star and also contributing financially, helping to raise awareness and working towards the same objectives as our campaign.

Find out how, using this link: Associating with Our Star

If you want to become part of the Our Star team, then click here.

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