COFE: Sample Recommendations

Recommendations from the four EU Citizens’ Panels

Below are listed some sample recommendations selected from the full document to illustrate the range and scope included under each of the four Citizens’ Panels that would within the COFE Programme.

“Climate Change and Environment/Health” 
Sample from the 51 recommendations:

No 9:  More investment in research and supply of clean energy. 
No 12:  Recipients of EU agricultural subsidies should follow clear environmental standards and promote sustainable agriculture 
No 17:   Agricultural antibiotics should only be used when absolutely necessary 
No 49:  Health and health care should be a shared competence between the EU and the EU Member States; 

“Stronger economy, social justice and development” 
Sample from 48 recommendations:

Nos 1 and 30: Minimum wages everywhere in Europe in relation to purchasing power.
No 10:   Right to affordable energy.
Nos 13 and 31:  Alignment of taxes that allows differences but ends tax avoidance 
No 17:    Right to access to the internet. 
No 21:    Right to minimum social standards including minimum pension.
No 25:    Right to access to social housing when needed.
No 26:    Better and harmonised rights at birth of children
No 27:     Better and harmonised rights for families for marriage and adoption.

“Democracy, Values, Rule of Law, Security” 
Sample from the 39 recommendations:

No 10:  Financial sanctions for all violations of the rule of law
No 16:  Right to vote for EU citizens, directly for European party lists with candidates from many member states.
No 21:   European public investment to create good jobs and improve and equalise the quality of life across the EU.
No 23:   Large companies should be taxed properly, tax havens in the EU should be abolished.
No 35:    A European Constitution that protects democracy and fundamental rights and is voted on by citizens.
No 39:    EU to hold Citizen’s Assemblies under legally binding regulation every 12-18 months and politicians to be accountable to such Assemblies. 

“EU in the World and Migration” 
Sample from the 40 recommendations:

No 2:   Independence from oil and gas imports by replacing them with renewable energies from the sun and wind, by more trains instead of more cars No 10:   Guarantee the health and safety of migrants through EU-organised welcome centres
No 20:   A European army for defence, disaster relief and missions on behalf of the United Nations 
No 21:    For majority decisions instead of unanimity, i.e. the abolition of vetoes No 33:  A binding system for the distribution of asylum seekers.

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