Choosing Our Future within Europe

Campaign Outline

The campaign in the UK is centred around Our Star (for a description see here) which will provide a visual focus for the ‘Forums for the Future’ which are to be public debates, hosted by local pro-EU groups, to consider our future.

Besides being a 5-pointed golden Star, the decoration of Our Star consists primarily of a Circle of Stars, representing Unity, Solidarity and Harmony, as they do on the Flag of Europe, although with colours (yellow & gold) reversed to represent ‘outside’ the circle, as the UK is now outside the Union.

On one side, white doves are the symbol of Peace, and the four flying doves show the desire to make peace throughout the world, the two perched doves represent peace at home, here in Europe.   On the other side, Unity, the People Ring represents the people of Europe, both in terms of their human and citizens’ rights, but also their equality and diversity as shown by the variety of colours around the Ring. By holding hands, they emphasis harmony and cooperation among all the peoples of Europe. All these symbols reflect the values and ideals incorporated in Articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty of the European Union, signed in Lisbon in 2008 by all 28 members as the cornerstone of the Union.

 In 2023, with increasing evidence of changes in public opinion and more active discussion of the consequences of Brexit, the time came for Our Star to rise, and shine some light on the UK’s future.   Its mission is to act as a talisman to engage a wide cross-section of the UK population in a series of Citizens Panels to explore the future directions of what kind of civil society we want our future to be.

We call this campaign ‘Choosing our Future’.

It is vital that we attract young people into this regional and national debate. To that end, a key element of this is the ‘Junior Forum for the Future’ where young people will have the opportunity to debate and share their views.

The content and structure of the forums, such as the various points for discussion, will use what we call the ‘FutureScope’ to visualise the issues within a common framework to prompt discussion and audience assessment of the where we are now and where the UK should go in the future.

The ‘Futurescope’ provides five dimensions to discuss
and compare them for the Future

The series of ‘Forums for the Future’ will give the public a chance to discuss what they want for their future, and how far it differs from the current position. Before each Forum, there will be a Junior Forum, from which a spokesperson will be elected to participate as a speaker at the following ‘Senior Forum’. 

In addition, ‘Cluster Assemblies’ will be held to consider the outcomes from the initial forums and further discuss the contents and plan follow-up actions. Hence, we hope that a second, and possibly further treks, will continue the series of ‘Cluster Assemblies’ to develop a wider discussion of the situation in the UK as it develops, especially approaching future elections, and to measure the strength of feeling favouring reuniting within the European Union. These will be continued as required in the future.

Follow these links to see further some of the highlights of past events and Assemblies during this Campaign and also the plans for future years:

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