Joining an ‘Our Star Cluster’

The concept behind Our Star recognises the need to educate and promote the reasons why being part of the European Union is essential for the future prosperity, health and well-being of us all.  

Successful campaigns need something to draw attention, create interest, and engage people in discussion and also, as in this case, methods to help identify what sort of society they want to have in the future.  ‘Our Star’ is intended to help do just that.  Hence an essential part of the campaign for us is to work with common interest groups who want to use Our Star as part of their wider pro-EU efforts.    

Furthermore, when working with common interest groups, we encourage activities and events for the younger generation and use the Junior Our Star as their special ‘talisman’, seeking to educate and involve the younger public about the EU and the benefits of membership.   

Representatives of civil society groups are invited to apply to become an Associate and host Our Star and may do so initially by sending an email with the following information to this address: mailto:

  • Name of organisation or campaign group
  • Name and contact address (phone and email) of contact
  • Ideas (and title) of any possible local events that Our Star might enhance
  • Anticipated/suggested period of hosting etc
  • Any other features that might enhance the success of the event.

Naturally we reserve the right to request further information to enable suitable arrangements to be made and cannot guarantee a suitable ‘slot’ for every request.

We also reserve the right to make a modest charge for hosting Our Star, as costs would be shared under what we refer to as a ‘Cluster Agreement’.

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