Baby and the Runner

Two Brexit satirical floats have appeared at the Dusseldorf Karneval procession in the last 4 years and not been seen in the UK. You can see them in the processions and savour the atmosphere of the day!

The Baby Monstrosity

The first, Theresa May’s Baby Monstrosity, appeared on 12th February 2018, but since it was felt unsuitable for appearance in the planned protest marches in the UK, it remained in Dusseldorf. The controversy of the Baby centred on birth, recognising that Theresa May was childless. See if you agree! 

Video of the Baby Monstrosity on Rosenmontag 2018 and later

The Scottish Runner

The float ‘Scotland doing a Runner‘ appeared on Rosenmontag on 14th February 2020, and attracted much interest as it highlighted the desire of many Scots to be independent of England. Lack of protest opportunities resulting has meant it has remained in storage ever since because of the Corona pandemic. But its time will come!

Rosenmontag 2020 – Initial line-up and walking with the Float

One of the outstanding floats of 2020 was the ‘Flaming Kangaroo’ which was near the head of the Procession – away from ‘the Runner’. Here’s a reminder of that effigy.

The Flaming Kangaroo of 2020 – “Australia is everywhere” – a Climate Change icon

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