Clusters and Associates

Become part of an ‘Our Star Cluster’

In addition to the associates, below, who hosted Our Star in 2023, we anticipate many other groups and organisations will also want to take part in the ‘Choosing Our Future’ campaign to increase the number and range of voices expressing their views. Hence, we plan to create ‘Our Star Clusters‘ that include many supporting groups in each area, who will share the hosting of the two Stars (the larger Senior Star and smaller Junior Star) for a period of 4-6 weeks and aim that all groups would then participate in the discussion events and help build the strength of the campaign.

Proposed Our Star Clusters showing associate locations.

We expect that 2 or 3 ‘Treks’ will be undertaken in 2024, so all interested groups can be assured of being visited as we seek to ensure that national coverage is achieved during the year.

Associates of Our Star

In launching our campaign Choosing our Future, we worked with ‘associates of Our Star’ in the Campaign ‘Choosing Our Future’ in 2023. Each of these groups endorsed the campaign objectives and helped to develop the programme. They hosted Our Star for the following periods during 2023:

Individuals and Civil Society organisations who wish to know more about how to be an Associate and work with Our Star can find further information here.

List of Endorsements for the Campaign

A list of public endorsements will be added here.

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