The Concept – a ‘Talisman for EU’

Since Brexit day on 1st February 2020, many images appeared of the EU flag with one star falling out of the circle of 12 stars implying that this represented the UK leaving the EU.  We call that one “Our Star”.

This symbolism of ‘Our Star‘ falling out of the circle, and then standing alone but with the same values and ideals, is very potent. The concept we have developed is to create a physical 3D star, with these ideals and values of the European Union depicted on it, to represent a ‘talisman’ of the ideals which can be revered by those who believe in European unity.

In the past, there have been many speeches calling for common purpose and community in Europe, such as those by Churchill in 1946, Schuman in 1950 and Thatcher in 1988. These have resulted in the ideals and objectives of the European Union being enshrined in Articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Consolidated in document 2012/C 326/01) which was signed in Lisbon on 13th December 2007. Key passages can be read here.

In essence, this talisman combines the uniqueness of the UKs’ society as a self-defined democracy, with the values we aspire to as a community living in today’s international world, rather than as an isolationist island, by being both separate from the EU Flag, ie, the UK outwith the EU, and apparently apart of it.

As background, the actual origin of the EU flag (actually the Flag of Europe) with its 12 stars is described here. The illustrations and depictions that appear on Our Star are described on this page: The illustrations on Our Star.

By providing a focus for events, we hope that Our Star can enhance the work of grass-roots campaigners and groups up and down the country by highlighting the role the EU has played in establishing, maintaining and extending peace for the last 75 years and also to promote its real aims and ideals to debunk some of the myths that went unchallenged in many media outlets in recent years.  That is our challenge.

It remains our responsibility to cultivate greater active support for the European Union at the ballot box to ensure that in the future the UK democratically decides to re-apply for membership.  

The physical versions of “Our Star”

The physical ‘Our Star’ is has been created by Jacques Tilly, the sculptor who has created all the floats for protest marches held in the UK over the last three years.  In fact, he is making two stars: one that is 2m tall, to be mounted on a trolley and a smaller one, 1m tall, that can be suspended, so they can be used in different ways.  Each will be used as a talisman to promote and provide a focus on European values at events in the next few years.  

Alongside the physical star itself, the use of ‘Our Star’ at the centre of a blue flag will reinforce the identity of the campaign and provide a more ‘patriotic’ emblem during the period the UK is not part of the EU. Of course, it is still perfectly proper for the ‘Flag of Europe‘ to be used in the UK as it is, in reality, the Flag of the Council of Europe to which the UK still belongs.

Both the large 2m diameter Star and the smaller 1m Star have the same illustrations on each side and will be used at different times.