UK’s Star of European Unity

A brief profile of the Star of European Unity

A single star is recognised as an effective non-national symbol for any European country.   We have created a 2m diameter physical 5-pointed gold star – decorated with symbols to represent the ideals of the EU – to be a ‘talisman’ for those in the UK who want to live in a community of nations and abide by these ideals.  We call this ‘UK’s Star of European Unity’ or simply ‘Our Star’.

The physical star has two sides, each presenting a different perspective of our values and ideals.   Both sides include the Circle of Stars that appears on the Flag of Europe with colour reversed to reflect our changed European status.  Inside the Circle of Stars, on one side called ‘Peace Star’, a flock of doves holding olive branches fly above, representing Peace and Friendship towards all nations. Others are resting below on each leg, representing Peace at home, within the Union.  On the other side called ‘Unity Star’, the ‘People Ring’ symbolizes the citizens, their rights, diversity and equality of all people, holding hands to represent harmony and unity between them.  

Further description of the ideals and meanings behind Our Star and background information can be found on the About Our Star page.

A Question of the Future . . .

Do you want this? . . .

Jacques Tilly’s ‘Miss Brexit’ 2023 at the Dusseldorf Karnival, February 2023

A nation in decline, bathing in the past, thinking of greatness but now just a poor, naked skeleton, a laughing stock among nations with a lying, incompetent and corrupt government that abuses citizens’ rights, their own laws and the environment, whilst enriching its cronies and friends.  

. . . or is this better?

Our Star unveiled at the European Parliament on 18th May 2022

A multi-ethnic society that lives in unity and peace with its European neighbours, that respects all citizens’ rights, the rule of law, honesty and accountability with a democratic Parliament that cares for our planet and all its inhabitants, including those who flee danger and abuse, and stands tall in the World.

To help YOU decide, Our Star is launching a campaign with a series of public discussions and debates to consider the key questions about the future of the UK and its relationship with the European Union. We call this:

Choosing Our Future 

Choosing Our Future describes the plans for our mission to explore the UK’s Future within Europe, through a series of public debate, which we call Forums for the Future, and also considered the contrast with the EU’s recent Conference on the Future of Europe which now form a basis for political developments within the European Union.

Crowdfunding ‘Our Star’ is the information page that tells you about our ongoing Crowdfunding campaign on gofundme, and additional information on how everyone can get involved in this Campaign as a ‘Backer’.

Recent Events provides examples of the places Our Star has been involved in over the last 6 months, including at the European Parliament and Royal Albert Hall.

EUtube: reminisce about the days of the Anti-Brexit campaign of 2016-2020 by watching these videos of the floats and marches in London, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle.